How to think?

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Events like these always puzzle me. The central question of Ethics is the most difficult to answer. Think of this. As we know, Gandhinagar is burning right now. The paper for the Binsachivalay exam was leaked, and a number of CCTV footage came out, where a number of students are clearly seen copying and cheating. It is a clear disadvantage to the poor student who couldn’t buy the question paper beforehand. It’s a clear disadvantage to someone who prepared for this exam with blood and sweat against the one who wrote the exam from the mobile phone. It’s only the one who fails in a government exam, knows the value of a government Job. It’s only the one who fails to clear an entrance exam, knows the value of a seat. The students who did cheating should be punished, right?

Think of this now. A few minutes ago I got a call from my senior at college. He requested me if I could help him find a writer for a blind student appearing for the IBPS PO exam this Sunday. I was more than happy to help. But I knew what was coming. This has happened in the past as well. I was asked to find someone who is good at taking the competitive exams, who is good at Quant and Reasoning sections- in short one, who can clear the exam.

Whenever I call my friend for being a writer in such cases, he says a yes in a moment. We all respect him for being so helpful. People would call my friend a super soul for being with the one who has no one. We always ask him to give his best and make sure the blind student clears the exam. Which is fair isn’t it?

No. It is not. At least I feel so. We think by the emotion. The student is blind. Nature has been unfair to them. What’s wrong in helping them a little? Thinking objectively means realizing that it’s about doing injustice to the other blind students. Nature has been unfair to them, what we humans do is more unfair to them. Say there is a good number of blind students who have worked hard for this exam and are hoping to clear the IBPS exam this Sunday. But, the emotional soul in me has sent a brilliant guy to be the writer to another blind student. By the time other blind students understand a question, my friend would have answered two. Is this not a clear disadvantage to the other blind students who couldn’t get an accomplished person as a writer? It is. It certainly is. Both the candidates will clear the exam- candidate with leaked paper for the Binsachivalay Exam and the Blind candidate with an accomplished writer. Both will get the job. Hundreds of thousands deserving candidates will not get the job. We will punish the cheater in the first case. While we bless the writer who helped the blind person get a job.

Yet another conundrum of human behavior.

How to think- emotionally or objectively?




Politics. Business. Human Behaviour.

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Manthan Goswami

Manthan Goswami

Politics. Business. Human Behaviour.

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