“Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory”

I had been to a trip in my 7th grade. It was one of the first times when I was allowed to go for a picnic, and hence I was experiencing a myriad of emotions even while I was at home. Though this excitement led to a wonderful trip, but what are etched in my memory are a few instances that in the later years of my life, taught me a life lesson. On the way, a bunch of my friends in the bus began talking about brands. Mind it, the year in discussion is 2009 and it is our first year of teenage. One fellow pointing to my clothes commented on it for not being branded. The little watch I wore was also examined minutely but it too had no brand attached to it. This made a deep impact on my little brain. After reaching home I foolishly, though innocently complained of my belongings being non- branded. Fortunately my mother disregarded my words and never paid heed to them, because if she would have, the idea would have possibly penetrated even deeper in my mind. I experienced such incidences even during my growing years, when the so called elite friends of mine would boast about the lavish things they used. I somehow surprisingly managed to get rid of this ‘brand consciousnesses’. I also satisfactorily shaped myself into a rational person who firmly believes in the title of this article- so aptly said by Bruce Lee.

Looking back at those days, I laugh sheepishly and ask a simple question- Is not every single product branded? Let me put it this way- Every watch, cap, socks, shoes, shirt, jeans, phone or even underwear have a brand. There is a company that manufactures it and the product has a name printed on it- which is technically called its brand. So this entire notion is very hard to digest, that a particular thing is non-branded. Dear friend, you were technically, etymologically wrong when you alleged me of putting things that were non-branded. Sorry my friend, they were branded, they always will be, in all parts of the world. However, my dear friend was not wrong, nor was his thought process wrong. Actually the law of relativity had unconsciously eaten his mind and the same law has eaten several other fellow human beings’ minds. I reiterate, everything has a brand, what makes a difference is the comparison. For instance, Product A might have a superior value and product B might have an inferior value, thus a pen is called a pen, and a phone is called a phone irrespective of what brand they belong to.

The ultimate idea that I started so humbly believing in, is that what matters is not a horse on your t-shirt or a neatly eaten fruit at the back of your mobile phone, but a child in your heart and properly crafted mind inside your brain. In this world of sheer competition, the one who shall stand out is not the one with a well polished outlook but a well built mind. Character, skills, knowledge and attitude will decide your fate. Thus, unless I am capable of being mentally and logically sound, I will not let that tick on my shoe decide my personality.


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