The MBA Journey comes to an End!

The MBA Journey comes to an End!

The end of the MBA journey- Part 1

MBA is a beautiful course. I would term it as the most diverse course. Students from all educational backgrounds join the course. The journey to an MBA college is often the same for all the students.

However, my journey to an MBA College has been very different.

After taking a drop post Graduation to prepare for the Civil Services, a big question troubled my family. What after the one year of drop? I came to Gujarat for the Diwali. And in the entire family sat me down and asked me this question, “So, What are you doing from the next year?”

An MBA, my father suggested. With a Ph.D. in Management, my Father has been an HR Professional for 3 decades. One uncle of mine works at the university and he too has a Ph.D. in Management. Another one of my uncles works at a Senior Position in an MNC and has been connected to the Management field for over 4 decades. To this date, I had no clue as to what should I do to get into an MBA College. It was the month of October, and I realized that the CAT exams were in November. I had already missed the bus. With what google told me, the only way to now get into an MBA College was via CMAT. (You won’t believe, but at this point, I literally had no idea of any other entrance examinations. I was just not in the MBA Zone)

In the month of March, a friend of mine visited me in Delhi. We had met after 4 years. After 6 cans of BIRA, my friend said “I am planning to do an MBA. I have given the CMAT examination. Had I got a few more marks, I would have easily secured the admission in BK.” It was at this point, I realized about this B School in Gujarat. My friend did not know that I too had appeared for CMAT. “How many marks do you need to get into BK?” I asked my friend.

“Why do you ask?”

“Even I am planning to do an MBA. I have appeared for the CMAT. And I scored X marks.”


My friend was surprised, the hangover of 6 cans was down in a moment.

“Seriously! You are joking, right? Why didn’t you say this to me before”

I calmed my friend down. We went to the shop to get 3 Bottles of BIRA. On our way, one bottle slipped from the hand, and we were left with 2 bottles.

And thus, I decided to do an MBA! 😄

It was in this manner, that I decided that I will be doing my MBA at BK School of Professional and Management Studies.

Today, when I look back, I realize that some big decisions are often taken naturally. Impulsively. You do not have any command over it. This was the most unexpected and sudden decision of my life, and yet, things worked out well. And as Zakir Khan says ‘Sab log kuch an kuch kar hi life me’

I remember my first day at college in July 2018. While I write this, it’s July 2020. It has been two years and it has changed me completely. I have had some of my biggest learnings in these two years. The two years at BK helped me come out of my Dark Phase. And most importantly, in these two years, I met a very special person.

… To be Continued

More on this, in Part 2.

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Manthan Goswami

Manthan Goswami

Politics. Business. Human Behaviour.

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